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Partner value proposition

Partners can work with Itini to enrich their customer experience and add additional monetization opportunities throughout their customers journey:

  1. Improved user experience - Itini mobile app integration allows partners to present travel data to customers through an end to end mobile experience, from initial contact through trip management and post trip experience. Integrating with Itini is done through our API and is fast and easy.

  2. Better interaction with customers - Itini’s mobile app can be customised to facilitate communication between end customers and content (travel) provider. Through Itini, users can get agency support, provide feedback and ask for additional guidance, all within the scope of the provided content and all with improved workflows.

  3. Additional monetisation opportunities - Itini allows partners to integrate their content into our mobile app in a way that allows users to explore additional interests as they travel. This enables partners to monetise those opportunities by presenting the customers with predetermined options and complete purchases through the partner systems or through Itini’s own purchase experience.

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